Seek First God's Kingdom and His Righteousness

Matthew 6:33

A new series of video and audio podcasts

To know God, is to appreciate and experience what He is like – how He interacts with the people He has created.

This new series, starting early April 2021, will look at the people of the Bible and how they discover who God is for them; how he relates to them, and what that means for us.

If you want to know God better, this series will help you to find Him to be everything you could ever need for your life.

What is God like? – Come, and let’s discover that together!

Blessings, Philip


What is SixThirtyThree?


SixThirtyThree is focussed on Jesus’ words, “to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) as the foundation and guiding principle for our lives.

So SixThirtyThree is for people who want to know and follow Jesus more closely.

There are two formats:

Audio podcasts: for exploring faith, encouraging us to follow Jesus and discovering more about pursuing God’s Kingdom.  The current series are:

1.WHAT IS GOD LIKE? – teaching on the attributes of God and,

2. SONGS & PRAYERS FOR REAL PEOPLE – devotional readings through the Psalms


Video podcasts:  hosted on Youtube these are:

1.SONGS FOR SAINTS, reading through the Psalms with accompanying restful landscapes, great for your devotional times and,

2 WHAT IS GOD LIKE? – a video version of my teaching on the attributes of God


Please Connect with us for notification when new podcasts are released, with links to listen or watch. All podcasts are free of charge.

You can watch or listen to the latest available audio and video podcasts on the Podcasts Pages by clicking on the links below:

And finally, right at the foot of this page are links to 8 Podcast apps for your mobile devices where you can find SixThirtyThree audio podcasts.


I hope these will really encourage you as you pursue your journey with God!

Bless you,


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SixThirtythree audio podcasts will help you with

three exciting challenges:

Exploring what it means to trust Christ with your life
Discovering the depth and breadth of following Jesus and his impact on you
Helping others to know Christ more as you grow in Him


Songs for Saints

Songs for Saints is a new video series and is a reading of the Psalms.

Great for using in your devotional times

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