8 An Almighty God

The “What Is God Like?” series In this “What Is God Like?” episode we are thinking about an aspect of God’s transcendence

Far Off yet Close To

The Bible gives us a picture of a God who is vast, powerful, almighty, above and beyond us and our experiences, whilst other parts show us the God who is loving, caring, compassionate, intimate & close.
Even for Christians, it’s possible to get these two ideas of God wrongly emphasised. We have a Transcendent God. We have an immanent God. In this episode of What Is God Like? we are going to look at how we relate to this God who is both far off, and yet close to us, intimate and engaged in every aspect of his creation.
This is vital to our faith and to our every day lived-experience with God I hope this helps and encourages you.
Every blessing, Philip

Introducing The Creator

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Psalm 150: Praise The Lord

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A Holy God

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