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Philip Fell

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8 An Almighty God

The “What Is God Like?” series

In this “What Is God Like?” episode we are thinking about an aspect of God’s transcendence – the reality that He is above and beyond us, as seen in his Omnipotence, His Almighty-ness!
The Bible delights in showing us God’s almighty-ness in the context of his interactions with people. This series is about how we see God’s nature revealed in his dealings with people. God’s almighty-ness calls us to right living, and with that is the assurance that his promises to us will be fulfilled in our lives.
God in his omnipotence offers us: protection & deliverance, provision, guidance, salvation and victory! Whatever over-whelming situations you are facing you have an almighty God available to bring you through!
Praying you are encouraged and helped through this podcast. Every blessing, Philip

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9 A Sovereign God

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