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A Father God

Episode 10 in the “What Is God Like?” series

Jesus came to show us the Father, He said, “if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”
Perhaps the greatest revelation we can have of God is that He desires to be our Father. And when He is that to us it becomes our greatest joy!
This is our exploration in this podcast, how God showed Himself, to his people Israel and ultimately to each of us who follows Jesus, to be “Our Father in heaven”
Join me as we discover this together.
Every blessing, Philip

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One reply on “A Father God”

Phillip Thank you for your word in six thirty three
co.uk I feel a bit lost at times. Try to get to church as often as I can which is not a lot
I enjoyed last Sunday very much miss you all so much but can not get out very often. My life is on God’s hands now
86 is OLD. God needs.me something I pray a lot God speaks to me and helps .me cope with each day

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