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Philip Fell

Philip is the voice & heart behind SixThirtyThree

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People – One Big Story Episode 3

“One Big Story” is the story of God, and the story of His Book – Bible. But it’s other stories too. This Sixthirtythree Podcast series unpacks the great overarching themes of this story.
Episode 3 looks at our second Theme: People of the Bible. There are in the order of 3000 people mentioned in the Bible, some are just a name mentioned once, others are significant “big” characters.
In this episode we focus on a few “big names” and a few less well-known characters; looking at how God related with them and dealt in and through their lives to fulfil His great purposes.
Whether we are big names or little ones is not the issue. What counts is hearing God’s voice and knowing His Call so He can fulfil His purpose in your life too.
I hope this episode encourages and helps you.

Blessings, Philip

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