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One Big Story – Episode 7

The Future! What a mystery, but what a hope for those of us who know and love Jesus.
This episode will encourage you to keep looking forward in faith and living now in that same faith. The faith that God knows who you are and what He has for you today and tomorrow, until Jesus returns. And his return is the great hope that the One Big Story of God, through His Book the Bible, is to take people from creation to re-creation.
Are you part of that hope and that journey?
Enjoy this final episode of One Big Story.
Bless you,

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Psalm 28 I pray to you Lord

It is wonderful to see how the Psalms constantly return, from whatever terrible situation may be going on, to a single focus

One reply on “Future”

One Big Story as been a Blessing Philip .Jesus is with us now and in the furture and Jesus return .And we can look forward in faith to all God has for us in Jesus . The best is yet to come we have a great furture

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