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One Big Story

A New Sixthirtythree Podcast Series

One Big Story is a series of seven episodes looking at the big, overarching story of the Bible from the context of six major themes.

The Bible can be confusing for people, especially for new readers: many different books, different types of literature; a “cast” of thousands across a huge time period and a host of strange rituals, cultures and practices.

How do we make sense of it? Is there a coherent story at all?

One Big Story aims to help you get the big picture of what God is doing from Genesis to Revelation. We will unpack key themes, and key characters, seeking to get the “whole” picture from creation to new-creation.

Do join me! Episodes released on the 1st of every month, starting 1st March 2022. Video or audio versions will be made available, both of them through the website, or on YouTube (video) and Anchor, Spotify, Apple or Google podcasts for the audio versions.

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The Bible’s One Big Story – in 7 steps!

Bless you, Philip

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